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Since October 11, 2021, travelers are allowed to enter Senegal upon presentation of a health pass duly issued by the competent services. The health pass must certify that passengers have received the required doses of vaccine at least fourteen (14) days before the date of travel, regardless of the vaccine. Only vaccines approved by the World Health Organization are accepted.

For all travelers without a health pass, presentation of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test dated less than five (05) days is required.

These provisions are subject to change with little notice depending on the health situation. It is therefore strongly recommended to check with the airline company before traveling to Senegal to find out what conditions apply.

The respect of barrier measures, including the wearing of a mask, is mandatory in all public spaces, workplaces, public and private, transportation and shops.

People seeking information or requiring medical support can contact the numbers set up by the Senegalese authorities:

• +221 78 172 10 81

  • • +221 70 717 14 92
  • • +221 76 765 97 31
  • • 800 00 50 50
  • • 15 15
  • • 19 19


vaccination-obligatoire FANAF 2022

The yellow fever vaccine is no longer mandatory to enter Senegal, except for passengers coming from amaril endemic areas. However, given the existence of active circulation of the amaril virus and the presence of vectors capable of activating transmission, it is strongly recommended to be up to date with the yellow fever vaccination. In practice, Senegalese health authorities may require the presentation of the international vaccination booklet at the border, even for passengers coming from European countries. According to a recent WHO recommendation, only one vaccination against yellow fever is valid for life.

No other vaccination is mandatory but some vaccinations are recommended: make sure you are up to date with your usual vaccinations as well as those related to all the geographical areas visited.

It is recommended that you get an up-to-date diphtheria-tetanus-polio vaccination (DTP), as well as a rubella-mumps-measles vaccination (MMR) for children; tuberculosis vaccination is also recommended.

Other recommended vaccinations: depending on local travel conditions, vaccinations against typhoid fever and viral hepatitis A and B may be recommended.

It is preferable to be vaccinated against bacterial meningitis.

Vaccination against rabies may also be offered in certain cases, depending on the conditions and location of the stay. Ask your doctor or an international vaccination center for advice.